Donate your camera to the project! :)

Hi guys!

The new semester is coming and we are currently searching for new second-hand cameras to give to the kids! If you have any old functioning digital camera that has been sitting in the cupboard of yours for agesssss now, you might want to think about donating it to the project! The best part is, it is all for a good cause!

We are starting to collect cameras from now until mid/late August! Spread this news to your friends and family, it would be such a great help :)

For more information on what else you can donate, please click here!

Don’t know what our project is about? Find out more here!

Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!!!


Yet another successful semester!

Another successful semester over! We’re taking a short rest now from the project during the semester break. When school re-opens, we’ll work with a new batch of students for yet another exciting adventure!! Thank you so much for all your support!

Oh! If you have any unused (but functioning of course!) digital camera or books/magazines on photography, feel free to donate them to the project! We’re currently searching for cameras (especially) for the next batch of students. Let us know!! :)

If you would like to volunteer for the project next semester (August onwards), send a message to us on our FACEBOOK PAGE or just email us. Click the volunteer page to see what you can do :)

If you can’t volunteer, you can definitely help the project through various donation or sponsorship! Click the donation/sponsorship page.

Thank you so much for reading!!!! 

Have a great week ahead!