A visit by the Fugee School on Sunday (April 15th)!

Last Friday (April 13th), we wrote a post about Fugee School visiting us on the coming Sunday (April 15th). Well, they sure did!

It was a really exciting moment for us to be there to witness the Somalian refugee youths looking through pictures taken by the Burmese refugee youths. They had so much fun going through the photos and being inspired as they went to the gallery for a photography program in their own school.

Here are some photos taken by Mr. Colin Shafer. Check his page; Colinizing Photography for more pictures.

Sabrina showing Deborah Henry and Fugee School students video of the ACR students’ performance during opening night.

Mr. Colin with some of Fugee School students.

Mr. Colin asked students to choose and pose with their favourite photos.

Fugee School co-founder and former Miss Malaysia, Deborah Henry, posing with a photo that she bought for the Fugee School.

Group picture! Photo courtesy of Fugee School.

Thank you for visiting guys! Check Fugee School’s Facebook page and support them!


Fugee School will be visiting us!

Great news!

We are proud to announce that Fugee School will be visiting us at the gallery this Sunday!

Fugee School is such an inspiration for our project as like us, they too work with refugee children (Somalian refugees) and youths living in Kuala Lumpur but focussing more on bringing education to them; giving them lessons in core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Computing skills and Somali (their native language).

We’ll post more photos on their trip soon!