We were featured in The Star newspaper today!!! 

Closing Night (27th April 2012)

The closing night was bittersweet. It was hard to end yet another successful exhibition but we have no choice! What a great experience to be given the opportunity to host the exhibition in Cube Gallery!

Thank you so much Mr. Asghar for having us!

We never had a closing night before in our previous two exhibitions, but since we had gotten so much support, we thought that it would be a great opportunity to do a closing ceremony with special guest speakers as well as introducing #Recognizethem; a video documentary relating to refugee issues in Malaysia.

Our guest speakers; Katrina, Asha and Vivian.

Asha and Vivian talking about a campaign to end immigration detention of children. Visit their Facebook page here.

Katrina talking about Tenaganita’s work. Visit their Facebook page here.

Mr. Colin introducing #Recognizethem.

After the crowd left, it was time for us to take the photos and poster down. Super sad!

Empty walls…

The group chilling after an exhausting night.

Thank you for coming to our gallery and for buying the photos, postcards and buttons!

From the sales, we managed to raise RM4400!!!!! What a number! Half of the money raised will go to the refugee school and the other half will go to the Everyone Has Hope project for the continuation of the project!

Thank you so much again! Keep on supporting our project!!!


The picture says it all!!!
Head to our exhibition this weekend (20th - 22nd April) and be a part of this AMAZING deal!!!
See you there!

The picture says it all!!!

Head to our exhibition this weekend (20th - 22nd April) and be a part of this AMAZING deal!!!

See you there!


We were featured on The Star!

Our opening night was featured on The Star today! How exciting!! Here is the Ipad version!

Click on images to enlarge.

Thank you The Star!!!


A visit by the Fugee School on Sunday (April 15th)!

Last Friday (April 13th), we wrote a post about Fugee School visiting us on the coming Sunday (April 15th). Well, they sure did!

It was a really exciting moment for us to be there to witness the Somalian refugee youths looking through pictures taken by the Burmese refugee youths. They had so much fun going through the photos and being inspired as they went to the gallery for a photography program in their own school.

Here are some photos taken by Mr. Colin Shafer. Check his page; Colinizing Photography for more pictures.

Sabrina showing Deborah Henry and Fugee School students video of the ACR students’ performance during opening night.

Mr. Colin with some of Fugee School students.

Mr. Colin asked students to choose and pose with their favourite photos.

Fugee School co-founder and former Miss Malaysia, Deborah Henry, posing with a photo that she bought for the Fugee School.

Group picture! Photo courtesy of Fugee School.

Thank you for visiting guys! Check Fugee School’s Facebook page and support them!


Opening night @ Cube Gallery was a success!!!!!

Hey guys!

We want to say a HUGEEEEE THANK YOU to everyone who came to the gallery last Saturday for our opening night!!!!! The turn out was more than what we had expected and we couldn’t have asked for more!! We were extremely worried about the turn out because of the heavy rain, but we were so happy that people manage to come despite the rain! 

Also, thank you for all the donations and for buying the photos!!! We managed to raise about RM3000 that night! That is insane!!! 

You guys are AMAZING!!!

We were especially happy having our talented photographers there to see all of you! They feel surreal to know that everyone came not only because you believed in the cause of the project, but also to see their amazing photos and meet them personally!

Didn’t we tell you they took gorgeous pictures?????? Right!! What incredible talent they have!

Anyway, here are some pictures from opening night!

The gallery two hours before doors opened.

Look at how full it was! Whoa!

The boys looking at their pictures.

Mr. Jim Leonard, principal of Taylor’s CPU having a conversation with the students.

Mr. Colin Shafer giving his speech.

Datuk Marina Mahathir giving her speech.

Datuk Marina Mahathir auctioning off one of the two exclusive photos. This photo titled ‘Everyone Has Hope’ by Amos (which also inspired our project’s name) was sold for RM520!

Rachel explaining her photo to Iranian photographer and fellow volunteer of E.H.H., Nafise Motlag.

Postcards, badges and photos being sold.

The students giving an amazing performance. So proud of them! They were so nervous before the performance!

Phillip was called to come upfront to present his photo that Datuk Marina Mahathir purchased.

ACR students and teachers with Datuk Marina Mahathir.

A group picture of everyone involved in the E.H.H. project together with Mr. Asghar (standing, far right) who is the owner of Cube Gallery. But no Ms. Whitney and Mr. Singh!!

A picture of Ms. Whitney and Mr. Singh because they were not in the group picture! Lol!

For more photos from the night, check out these albums!

Everyone Has Hope’s album

Prakash Daniel Photography’s album

Colinizing Photography’s album


We would also like to wish a BIG thank you to those who have wrote about the exhibition, about the opening night and helped us promote the exhibition! That is so kind of you!!

DON’T FORGET! Our exhibition will be running until April 27th!! Spread the news and do come visit!! :)


Fugee School will be visiting us!

Great news!

We are proud to announce that Fugee School will be visiting us at the gallery this Sunday!

Fugee School is such an inspiration for our project as like us, they too work with refugee children (Somalian refugees) and youths living in Kuala Lumpur but focussing more on bringing education to them; giving them lessons in core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Computing skills and Somali (their native language).

We’ll post more photos on their trip soon!


Preparing, Promoting and Pumping ourselves up!

Happy Friday the 13th everybody! Hope your day has been going on well on this highly Hollywood-ticized day! :P

We had SUCH a crazy week this week! Preparing for our exhibition, promoting it and preparing some more, it was insane!

For those who do not have an idea what exhibition are we talking about, well, it’s our Everyone Has Hope Exhibition, Photos by Burmese Refugee Youth @ Cube Gallery, Ampang Point which will be happening tomorrow (Saturday, April 14th) for two weeks (until April 27th)!

Join us for our exhibition opening tomorrow night, Saturday, April 14th, 5pm-10pm! 

Back to the busy part.

This week (Monday and Tuesday) was such a big step for our project because we were interviewed for the first time on the radio where we promoted our upcoming exhibition and talked about the project as a whole! Well, technically, we were interviewed by two radio stations; Capital.FM and BFM for two days! Pretty wicked!

Liang and the team!

Rachel, Carley with Shefah on BFM.

Rachel singing for BFM!

We were pretty excited to be interviewed for the first time, especially Rachel! But everything went pretty well so we were happy :)

The BFM show was pre-recorded and it will be played this Saturday, 1:15pm (+8 hours, Malaysian time) on 89.9fm! To listen online, head on their website!

On Wednesday, we spent the whole day assembling the photos and getting them ready for the upcoming exhibition and checked for last minute details! :) 

Mr. Colin showing the group how to assemble the photos and frames.

Frames for photos!

Assembled photos! Look at those images! Can you believe that they were taken by amateur photographers? Whoa!!

Limited edition postcards up for sale!

Limited edition badges up for sale too!

Look at these awesome badges! Our very own Germaine designed these! Pretty awesome!

We hope this little teaser will pump you up for tomorrow night! Can’t wait to see everyone!!!!


Like our new header?
Our very own Sabrina made this! It will also be the banner for our upcoming Cube Gallery exhibition!! :)
Thank you Sabrina!!
Check her stuff out in her fan page; Anna Sabrina’s Art!

Like our new header?

Our very own Sabrina made this! It will also be the banner for our upcoming Cube Gallery exhibition!! :)

Thank you Sabrina!!

Check her stuff out in her fan page; Anna Sabrina’s Art!


ECA Mini Exhibition Opening (April 3rd)

We had our opening for our E.C.A. Mini Exhibition last Tuesday, April 3rd.

The turn out was successful! We were so happy that CPU staff and students were so supportive towards the project and the youths themselves. Some even bought a few photos that were exhibited there! 

Thank you so much!!!!

The exhibition in E.C.A. is still up for public viewing! It’ll be up until Friday, April 6th. So be sure to catch it if you’re unable to go to the Cube Gallery one!! 

Group picture :)

Our talented photographers do not only take great pictures, but they can sing really well too! It took them a lot of courage to perform in front of a huge and supportive crowd, and they all sure did a wonderful job! :D 

Our Cube Gallery exhibition is happening next week! Who’s going? Hope to see you during opening night!!