Mr. Colin’s See-You-Later Party!

It’s Mr. Colin’s last semester in Taylor’s College and last time being with Everyone Has Hope team before moving back to Canada to start a whole new chapter in his life.

To say thank you for all that he has done for the project and especially for the project members, the students of the ACR school decided to throw him a going-away party (we like to think of it as a see-you-later party instead though!) in their school.

Although it wouldn’t be the last time we would see him, as he reassured us that he would come visit (Soon we hope! Fingers crossed!!), it was a really nice get-together with the team just having a nice meal and enjoying each others’ company.

On top of that, Mr. Colin received some pretty awesome gifts from the ACR students too!

Receiving a plaque from the president of ACR.

Card and photo frame by the EHH members, handed by Rachel who was all giggly.

Joshua ‘hanging’ a traditional Burmese bag on Mr. Colin’s neck.


Kar Yee can’t wait to dig in!

Candid shot! Amos (far left) from the previous batch of students also joined us! It was soooo good to see him again!

Not sure why Rachel’s face is like that, but Molly seems to be enjoying herself.

Jasmine… She likes purple and yummy food.


The ladies of the project!

The macho men!

Group picture :)

Thank you Mr. Colin! WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU! See you later! ;)

Photos courtesy of Sabrina and Jasmine.