Preparing, Promoting and Pumping ourselves up!

Happy Friday the 13th everybody! Hope your day has been going on well on this highly Hollywood-ticized day! :P

We had SUCH a crazy week this week! Preparing for our exhibition, promoting it and preparing some more, it was insane!

For those who do not have an idea what exhibition are we talking about, well, it’s our Everyone Has Hope Exhibition, Photos by Burmese Refugee Youth @ Cube Gallery, Ampang Point which will be happening tomorrow (Saturday, April 14th) for two weeks (until April 27th)!

Join us for our exhibition opening tomorrow night, Saturday, April 14th, 5pm-10pm! 

Back to the busy part.

This week (Monday and Tuesday) was such a big step for our project because we were interviewed for the first time on the radio where we promoted our upcoming exhibition and talked about the project as a whole! Well, technically, we were interviewed by two radio stations; Capital.FM and BFM for two days! Pretty wicked!

Liang and the team!

Rachel, Carley with Shefah on BFM.

Rachel singing for BFM!

We were pretty excited to be interviewed for the first time, especially Rachel! But everything went pretty well so we were happy :)

The BFM show was pre-recorded and it will be played this Saturday, 1:15pm (+8 hours, Malaysian time) on 89.9fm! To listen online, head on their website!

On Wednesday, we spent the whole day assembling the photos and getting them ready for the upcoming exhibition and checked for last minute details! :) 

Mr. Colin showing the group how to assemble the photos and frames.

Frames for photos!

Assembled photos! Look at those images! Can you believe that they were taken by amateur photographers? Whoa!!

Limited edition postcards up for sale!

Limited edition badges up for sale too!

Look at these awesome badges! Our very own Germaine designed these! Pretty awesome!

We hope this little teaser will pump you up for tomorrow night! Can’t wait to see everyone!!!!