Kicking off the semester with the Faisal Cup!

Semester break is now over and we’re all soooo hyped for school, yes? I know I am, as it means another semester of fun, excitement and, above all, hope.

We had our first meeting last week and welcomed a ton of new members from the latest intake (fresh meat!). Mr Daniel Layng headed the meeting, and the teachers present were Mr Fernando, Ms Lisa and Mr Neil (who came in at the very end… but that’s okay, sir, you’re still an asset to the team :P). Lots of planning, and there was more than enough to keep our eyes and ears peeled for roles that we wanted to fill (and don’t forget the hands, ever ready to shoot sky-high to claim spots for Saturday excursions to the School).

Before our latest trip down to Gombak to see the kids, we have to turn the spotlight on one of the events that they, along with the kids from other refugee schools, look forward to most: the Faisal Cup! 

The Faisal Cup is an annual event that started back in 2006 after the tragic accident of a boy, Faisal, who jumped into the Gombak river and drowned to save a soccer ball.

The Faisal Cup is meant for underprivileged kids to partake in netball and soccer tournaments; it is meant to give them the opportunity to realize their true potential in sports, to nurture their skills and talents, to give them equal chances just like other children. 


Say cheese!


Here’s Dhanya, one of our most dedicated members, showing her support with a big grin and a thumbs-up!


The netball team all clad in bright yellow.



Susan and Emily: “Let’s take a moment to get distracted and appreciate peace signs!”


Phillip: “Y’all ready?!”

Batti: “AW YEAH!”


Our very own soccer team discussing strategies, headed by Captain Phillip.



Our girls taking over the netball field by storm!


Go go Pudu FC!!


VICTORY!! With jerseys sponsored by Phillip’s umbrella!


To wrap it up, here’s a photo of some of our awesome kids with Dhanya and Mr Dan. They had a lot of fun; they enjoyed themselves and just to see their big grins through the sweat on their faces feels nothing short of amazing. 

Also, to learn more about the Faisal Cup, feel free to visit this site.

Until next time, peeps!

Jiu Jitsu? Jiu Jitsu!!

Ola and oooii! It’s been a long while since the last post, but the kids have been getting on better than ever. It’s been a while filled with a lot of face-punching and butt-kicking - literally!

Enter Kyle, one of our most dedicated members of the project. He’s a rather proficient (and badass) martial artist who decided to give the kids some jiu jitsu lessons. 


But he didn’t do it alone. 

Enter our two amazing awesomesauce teachers: Mr Fernando and Mr Layng! 



Bless them for coming out and taking the time to assist Kyle in his lessons (and for basically being his - and the kids’ - punching bags). 

This post is inevitably photo-heavy. Lots of punching and kicking, blocking and grappling, and bursting with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan vibes.

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From Subang down to KL and back, with old school collages, bracelets and a dose of fab!

Hey, guuuuys! So it’s been almost a whole month since the last update. We’ve had some cool activities with the kids during that time. Expect this post to be photo-heavy!

On March 1st, we went crafty and dug through some of the old photos the kids took. Along with pictures cut out from magazines, they made collages to form letters for an Everyone Has Hope banner. 



Sure, it may be ridiculously messy now, but the finished product is… fabulous. We promise!



Here it is - the finished product! HOW COOL IS THAT? AND SO FABULOUS.

The next Saturday, March 8th, we got into making DIY bracelets out of coloured strings. Alycia headed the event, showing us the few patterns that we could make. We also had two of the student-teachers along for the ride: Ms Britney and Ms Jessica.




Ms Jessica and Ms Britney joining in the fun. :)


Amy found two of the younger kids hanging outside the door, poking their heads into the room to watch. She immediately dragged them in, gave them strings, and taught them (really damn patiently, I gotta say) how to braid bracelets.

The bracelets were then made part of a sales event that was held recently in Taylor’s. The money generated from the sales are now part of the funds for the project.

On March 22nd, we took the kids to the Muzium Negara, or the National Museum, down in Kuala Lumpur. Four of us went (Claudia, Dhanya, Hamdi and Sandra) along with our cray cray Physics lecturer, Mr Fernando.


Emily and Molly with a white cockatoo, or known as burung kakak tua in Malay. (There’s a famous song about it that’s often sung to children here in Malaysia,)


Dhanya being fabulous with a parrot on her shoulder. ;)



Some cool exhibits that they managed to take pictures of. Those masks look really creepy though. Reminds me of one of those Noh masks.


Here’s a little group photo to wrap things up. We shall see you guys in the next update! <3

Happy V-day, bro-chachos! <3

Happy V-day to you

Happy V-day to you

Happy V-day to yoooouuu

So on the 15th of February, we got the kids to do some crafty craft stuff and of course, since Valentine’s Day was just the day before, we thought what could be better than V-day cards? 


Here’s Susan with her green-on-yellow card. 


And here’s Batti and Hamdi with theirs. Why Hello Kitty, though? 


Emily came up with the idea of wooing her crush with some fancy origami pieces. This girl’s origami skill is better than mine. (I can hardly do a boat, but that’s a story for another time…)


"Happy Valentine’s Day, how are you?" Perfect foreplay right there, Victor.

No, really.


While Hamdi and Batti settle for Hello Kitty, Johnathan picks up a flying heart.


Here’s the new kid in town, and his artistic skills stand to impress!


Phillip just couldn’t wait to show off his folded hearts.


Happy Valentine Day 2 you


*green hearts*

He’s always been straightforward. Good guy Keedawng.


Hope to eat chocolate from u next year 

Molly is anything but shy.

She can’t help but blush behind her card here though. <3

And that wraps up this year’s Valentine’s Day! 

Everyone has Hope at International Migrants Day!

Before the winter break the EHH team exhibited some of the students work at the International Labor Organization’s “Migration Works” campaign. The event coincided with international migrant day to raise awareness about migrant rights and promote tolerance and inclusion in the broader Malaysian community. Thank you to Tsu Chong for his support and giving the youth an opportunity to exhibit their work :)


The EHH team and Tsu Chong from “migration works” take a group shot after the key speakers made their speeches about international migrants day.


Batti and Molly, we’re proud of your work!

Philip and Steven give their approval of the event :)

Thanks to everyone who made this possible and Kyle, Jay, and Ham for coming and supporting the kids!

Last day + Magic performances by the kids!

For the last day of the semester, we decided to have a party to say goodbye to the kids. Snacks, check. Drinks, check. For my part, I was tasked with coming up with some games for it the night before, but somehow I forgot! Thankfully, I recalled a really fun name-guessing game I saw once in the movie ‘Inglourious Basterds’, and we played it with hilarious results! 

Also, a week or so back, we came up with the idea of teaching the kids some cool magic tricks. Having been an amateur magician in my schooling days, I held a workshop for them and they got the chance to show off some tricks of their own during the party! The teachers were thoroughly wowed! Needless to say, I, as their ‘magic instructor’, was rightly pleased with their efforts to practice the sleight of hand skills I taught them.

imageA picture … really does say a thousand words.

imageEveryone’s favourite Korean hipster Ham Jungwoo came up with a novel way of making the name card stick!

imageMost importantly, the kids had a good time, and so did we!

image"Never show anyone. They’ll beg you and they’ll flatter you for the secret, but as soon as you give it up… you’ll be nothing to them. The secret impresses no one. The trick you use it for is everything." - Alfred Borden

imageFinal group shot with our Class of ‘13! 

And that was it! Some of us were leaving for the last time, so we said our goodbyes and parted ways. The kids had the time of their lives this year, and I for one am personally glad that we as a group not only met, but exceeded expectations in terms of teamwork and dedication! May there be many more memories to come! Until next year!

Happy 56th Independence Day Malaysia!

On the 31st August 2013, we decided to take the kids out to the Independence Day parade in Merdeka Square, KL. I think I was just as excited as they were to see the performances, atmosphere, and most of all, the Armed Forces in action!

imageWaiting with bated breath for the military parade to come towards us!

imageOur Boys in Blue, the Royal Malaysian Police!

imageGreat shot of some planes flying in formation over us!

imageRoyal Cavalry!

imageDon’t mess with them!

imageSorry for blocking you Philip! 

In case you’re wondering, no, no one got hurt.

I’m assuming this is the Malay Rambo.

PT-91M Pendekar Tanks from the Royal Armour Corps!

The finest jets in the Royal Malaysian Air Force, Sukhoi Su-30 MKM Flankers!

This photo was sponsored by my finger.

I had told myself that we wouldn’t leave until we got a picture with someone in uniform. Jackpot! We got FOUR Navy officers! Mission accomplished!

Lovely Merdeka shot!

Us with Mr. Fernando!

After the parade, we decided to get some drinks and burgers. Here’s the result:

Scary tongues! 

Eating burgers, ghetto style! It was Mr. Fernando’s first time eating Ramly burgers, and he’s fallen in love with them since then!

So that was our Merdeka adventure! It was one heck of an experience, and sad to say, my first independence day parade despite having lived in Malaysia for 20 years! Still, better late than never!

Faisal Cup (plus bonus training pics!)

The Faisal Cup is back! Having emerged victorious from the previous tournament as champions, the girls will be looking to reclaim their netball crown this time round. The guys meanwhile will be looking to prove a point after their painful elimination in the football category last year.

But wait! A week before the tournament proper, we managed to catch up with the lads (and one girl!) for some practice hours. And so, on a bumpy field in the middle of suburban KL, we played the beautiful game!

imageOur foreigners get acquainted to the Malaysian heat. Mr. Fernando was red all over! 

imageBored with simply banging in countless goals, Philip proceeds to, as we call it, ‘do a Ronaldo’.

 imageNot everyday you get to take pictures with these megastars! 


And so our practice was done! Overall everyone had fun, and we managed to get a good workout at the same time!

Now, on to the games …

On a cool Saturday morning, we took the train to Kampung Batu, where the event was held. I was taken back to my youth Sunday league days as I took in the atmosphere of kids shouting and playing under the sun. Almost made me want to put on a shirt and start kicking around myself!


imageReal Madr— I mean, ACR School Boys’ football squad!

imageACR’s official fan club! 

imagePhilip, as captain, was inspiring and hardworking. All out in attack, solid at the back!


The Everyone Has Hope support brigade!


Don’t let the pre-match etiquette fool you! These guys mean business!

imageACR’s Captain Marvel taking a goal kick.

imageEventually it had to come to penalties! And the result …?

imageWell, says it all really. Always a shame to lose on penalties, but what a great effort it was! Better luck next year boys!

Meanwhile, on the adjacent netball court …


imageThe girls of ACR set the court on fire with their attacking play!

imageAaaand another championship for the girls of ACR! 

 Overall a disappointing campaign for the boys, but triumph yet again for the girls in netball! However it was an inspiring performance everyone involved . We were thoroughly entertained, and everyone had a smashing time! Till the next post!

Masjid Jamek Field Trip

Though they probably have seen much of the city already, the kids never seem to tire of Kuala Lumpur! This time we took them to the famous Masjid Jamek, easily accessible via LRT, which we took.

However, upon arrival, our ever-adventurous Mr. Layng made a pre-planned detour into a ‘secret-but-not-so-secret’ pathway along the Klang River. Lining the walls on either side of the river were stunning, jaw-dropping graffiti pieces which, though technically illegal, showcased a more artistic side of Malaysians. image

The gang raring to go! (Never noticed how large I was compared to the others :p)


"I was two inches from falling into the river! TWO!”


Group shot of the kids against a lovely backdrop of graffiti art.


The Four Heroes!


"Move over, Ronaldo! You ain’t got nothing on my modelling skills!"


Posing innocently alongside a not-so-innocent,um … Transformer?


Note: The image is imitating her, not the other way around.


A lovely location for some street football, if not for the river.

Overall it was a really fun and interesting experience for both the kids and the EHH members. Not only did we get to marvel at magnificent pieces of art, we also got to see the kids in a less constricted environment than they are probably used to, which was quite refreshing. However, we reckon this will be nothing compared to the ‘Big One’, the upcoming final field trip for the semester (still in planning). It’s gonna be wild! Stay tuned! 

The Planetarium Trip!

A couple of weeks ago we took the kids to a field trip! Again!

This time we took them to the planetarium. The kids had so much fun in the planetarium. Looking at the planets and the outer space.

Here are some photos they took at the planetarium.

Look at the happy faces they had! Posing as astronauts!

Acting as a space ship operator? That is so cool! :)